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Below you will find interesting and useful articles related to the real estate market and lots of helpful tips for home buyers and sellers. Come back often for updates and to stay informed on hot topics.  Have a suggestion for an article or topic of interest? Click here to send me an email on what you would like to see featured.

Make your Home Accessible for all Ages

November 2019

As multigenerational families are opting to live under one roof, homeowners may want to renovate to accommodate this growing demographic. Here are some tips to create an inviting home, while also maintaining universal appeal for all occupants regardless of age:

Keep your options open
When planning renos, keep your floor plan flexible. Resist the urge to take down walls and keep that main floor guest room or office intact; it could one day be converted to a master bedroom or a separate space for young adults. Pick non-slip flooring like carpet or vinyl and keep doorframes and hallways as wide as possible to accommodate all levels of accessibility.

Update your hardware
Switch traditional doorknobs with practical levered handles. These are easier to manage in general, whether you have your hands full with a basket of laundry or have limited hand strength due to conditions like arthritis.

Strategically select your appliances
Choose stovetops with easy-to-reach controllers at the front of the unit, install the microwave under the kitchen island or on the counter-top for easy access, and place front-load laundry machines side by side with the dryer instead of stacking.

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Is this Swedish Décor Trend 'just right' for you?

September 2019

Lagom, the Swedish lifestyle philosophy, is built around the concept of moderation. Roughly translated, it means ‘not too much, not too little – just right’ and in the design world, is about balancing style with livable comfort. Here are a few ways you can bring some Lagom into your home:

Ease into decluttering
A messy home can lead to anxiety and blocked creativity. Eliminate unnecessary items, but in a way that is right for you. Try setting a timer once a day for 10 minutes to toss or donate things you no longer need around the house. Within a week you will start to notice a difference.

Design with balance and intention
Pick one or two pieces of statement furniture, like your favourite lamp or table, and build your room around them. Don’t be afraid to pair sleek pieces like minimalist accent chairs with cozy items like a plush sofa or soft throw.

Find peace in muted, neutral colours
Cool greys and peaceful whites brighten a room while creating a calming backdrop for your space. Avoid busy patterns and bring colour and interest with lush plants or geometric accents.

Things to Remember when Hiring an Electrician

July 2019

Electrical wiring is your home’s nervous system, and while it may seem simple (either it works or it doesn’t), it is a complex network that requires special skill to manage. Here are some do’s and don’ts when hiring an electrician:

DO check if your project requires permits.
An expert will have specialized knowledge and experience in securing permits and approvals that keep your home up to code.

DON’T tackle a job yourself if you are not trained.
A faulty system can lead to fire or failed home inspections down the road. Don’t attempt any projects if you don’t have the required expertise.

DO hire a licensed expert.
Electrical work can be dangerous. Ask to see a license or certificate before signing the papers. Remember - these vary by province so check with your local regulatory body.

DON’T forget to ask for a referral.
Everyone relies on electricity, so it’s likely you know someone who has hired a professional. Ask family, friends, and neighbors; your local electrician may be familiar with your model and share unique insight.

DO go online before hiring.
Search your pro online and check out third-party contractor review websites for reviews and recommendations from other homeowners. These sites are a great tool in your hunt for a capable and trained expert.

Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

May 2019

Spring freeze-thaw cycles and heavy snow can wear away at your home. Take advantage of warm weather and longer days to tackle your home maintenance chores.

Repair your roof
Do a walk-around of your home. Replace warped, cracked, or missing shingles. It’s better to address minor issues now than deal with major headaches such as leaks - or even whole roof replacement.

Check your detectors
If you missed your spring check up, now is the time to test your smoke and carbon dioxide monitors. Replace batteries, check “replace by” dates (most are only good for 10 years), and make sure they can be easily seen and heard on all floors.

Maintain your furnace
Replace filters every three months, schedule maintenance, and sweep up dust or remove any items that may limit airflow around the unit.

Explore your vents
To optimize cooling and efficiency, close bottom and open top registers. Move furniture that may be blocking vents. Examine outdoor vents to ensure slats move freely, remove dust and lint, and fix missing or broken parts to prevent vermin and pests from entering.

Fix up with paint
Touch up scuffed or chipped paint around your home, such as your front door or garage. To blend, use a high-quality brush with slightly thinned-out paint, followed by a light pass with a roller.

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Easy Ways to Maintain Your Home

March 2019

Spring is a great opportunity to fix up the inevitable wear and tear on your home during the winter. Here are some suggestions to get your place back in shape:

Inspect your air conditioner
Test out your A/C and address any issues before the heat of summer hits. Remove the cover, clean debris, or schedule a service visit if needed.

Give some TLC to your washer and dryer
Run vinegar through your washer’s hot water cycle, remove residue and mold from dispensers, and vacuum lint from dryer vents while inspecting hoses for damage.

Fix up your faucets
Look for leaks and repair by tightening fixtures or replacing washers. Descale indoor faucets with vinegar to improve flow and test outdoor faucets for cracks or leaks caused by sub-zero temperatures.

Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors
Seal spaces or cracks where air may escape and bugs can enter. Mend holes in screens, lubricate hinges, and remove dirt to make the eyes of your home look like new.

Refresh in and around your home
Spruce up your entryway with planters or fresh flowers. Tend to your garden and lawn by weeding and cutting back vegetation. Crack open your windows and let the fresh air flow freely.

Ask me for additional Spring maintenance tips to help keep your home at its best!

Refresh Your Home Office Space

January 2019

Advancements in telecommuting means more people are working from home. It’s no wonder an office is frequently found on homeowners’ wish lists. Here are some tips to design an inviting and productive space that sparks creativity with style:

Balance form and function
Choose furniture that not only complements the rest of the home but is practical and ergonomic. A minimalist desk might look nice but may become an eyesore if cluttered with computer wires and papers that don’t have a home.

Prioritize productivity
Consider the location of your office. Avoid high traffic areas with lots of noise and distraction. Paint your space a soothing colour like sage green and invest in a comfortable chair.

Organize your space
A neat workspace can reduce anxiety and nurture productivity. Resist the urge to use your office as extra home storage and add organizing solutions such as baskets or trays to keep your space tidy.

Let the light in
Lamps are a great way to add personality, while also saving your eyes. Modern finishes like brass or hanging industrial fixtures can make a big statement with function.

Put my expertise to work for you!  Ask me how a home office can help boost your home's appeal, whether it's used for work, studying, or simply paying bills.