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Below you will find interesting and useful articles related to the real estate market and lots of helpful tips for home buyers and sellers. Come back often for updates and to stay informed on hot topics.  Have a suggestion for an article or topic of interest? Click here to send me an email on what you would like to see featured.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Spring Market

March 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic turned much of our lives upside down in 2020, it paved the way for a promising seller’s market this spring. A large number of hopeful buyers were not able to find the home they were looking for last year, thanks to surging demand, making now a better time than ever to prepare your home for market.

Renovate what is outdated.

If your kitchen or bathroom is reminiscent of another decade, they should be updated before you sell. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on big renovations to increase your home’s value. Updating fixtures like faucets, towel racks and cabinet pulls can make a big difference in how buyers see your home.

Paint with whites and neutrals.

A new coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to give an instant facelift to your home. Increase the natural light flooding through your windows, so the whites and neutrals will help to open the space and entice potential buyers.

Reconnect with your real estate professional.

Working with a real estate agent you trust makes all the difference between a stressful selling experience and an easy one. As your agent, it’s my job to alert you to potential risks, help you find resources, and negotiate offers. Often a seemingly simple transaction can grow legally complex and risky. I can help you locate trusted legal counsel, home inspection services, surveyors, and lenders.

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Plan a DIY Bathroom Update

February 2021

Your bathroom is one of the most personal and private areas of your home. But it often lacks the touch of personality that creates a more intimate feel. Most homeowners assume upgrading a bathroom requires a big budget and a lot of time. But there are plenty of ways to achieve a quick (and contractor-free) revamp with simple upgrades and afternoon DIY projects. Plus, it presents a great opportunity to increase the value of your home.

Add a pop of colour.

If your bathroom is mostly white, consider refinishing your cabinetry with a bold hue to add a touch of personality. Even with two coats of paint, it won’t take you days on end to refinish the vanity in your master bath and make it pop. Opt for a semi-gloss finish for easier upkeep.

Create a spa-like experience.

Adding a luxurious spa-like showerhead will bring you joy every time you get in the shower, and the install isn’t too complicated. Consider a rain head with a detachable handheld sprayer to make cleaning your tub (or even bathing the dog) that much easier.

Upgrade your lighting.

Bathrooms are notorious for poor lighting and a lack of natural light. Make your space shine with lower-wattage, full-spectrum daylight bulbs for bright – but not glaring – light that’s ideal for applying makeup. In a master suite, the optimal setup is a pair of wall sconces. Add one on each side of the mirror, so it doesn’t cast a shadow on your face.

Are you considering a bathroom renovation? Ask me how you can add more value to your home in 2021.

New Year's Resolution for Your Home

January 2021

Every year when January rolls around we vow to eat healthy, read more, and save money. But we rarely consider what we can do to better our homes. Here are a few simple resolutions that will make your home more efficient, clean and welcoming in the coming year.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

One of the best ways to feel better about your space is to streamline your stuff. Whether you have a playroom filled with toys your kids have long forgotten about, or a basement stuffed to the brim with boxes you never open, the new year represents the perfect opportunity to purge unnecessary belongings and start fresh.

Create a More Energy Efficient Home

Creating a more energy-efficient home doesn’t necessarily mean investing in massive upgrades like solar panels or high-efficiency appliances. Smart thermostats are not only affordable, they work to learn your household’s patterns and adjust heating and cooling according to when your home is occupied. You can also fix drafty windows and doors with rubberized caulking.

Make a Savings Plan for Your Dream Reno

That kitchen upgrade you can’t stop thinking about? The chic, upscale bathroom of your dreams? These Pinterest-inspired home renovations will not only add a customized touch to your home, they’ll add a lot of property value. Why not put together a savings plan so you can finally pencil in a renovation date?

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